How Social Employees Can Be the Perfect Brand Ambassadors

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Within the world of business, credibility and transparency is something that is rather important to the public nowadays. People want to know what is going on ‘behind closed doors’ within certain companies and how they deal with successes and failures.  This is why treating employees as a part of your team of ambassadors is so […]

Why Facebook is the Next Big Thing in Recruitment

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Just like the rise of social media, the recruitment industry has also evolved from platform to platform. One of the latest discussions online is the relevance and the use of Facebook’s Graph Search as a recruitment tool. This article will take a look at Facebook’s users, Facebook as an alternative to LinkedIn and some statistics […]

The Rise of the Social CEO [INFOGRAPHIC]

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One of the best ways to stoke up interest in social media amongst employees is to get the leadership team to lead by example. If you have a leader that embraces social and actively engages on say Twitter or LinkedIn, this sends a powerful message to the rest of the organisation. Not only is it […]

B2B Content Marketing and Social Media in 2014 [STUDY]

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Are you a B2B marketer? Do you use content marketing? No less than 93% of your North American peers do, but how exactly are they doing it? MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute recently issued some interesting findings from their annual content marketing study, which included responses from 1,217 B2B content marketers in North America. Most popular tactics […]

How Do Recruiters Use Social Media? [STUDY]

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Our friends at Jobvite have just announced the results of its annual Social Recruiting Survey. Now in its sixth year, the Jobvite annual Social Recruiting Survey is the most comprehensive of its kind. The survey was completed in July 2013 by more than 1,600 recruiting and human resources professionals. This year’s data underscores that social recruiting is […]