Google Local Business Maps: How to Get Listed with Places

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When you look for a certain type of business online, you are likely to start with Google. You will enter the service or product you are looking for and get the results. You might even want a dealer or shop that is close to you, so you click on the Google Maps option to pull up the businesses near you.

How does it work?

Let's say that you are idle rich or just into sports cars (probably more likely), you might want to check out the local Ferrari dealers in town. A simple search for “Ferrari dealer London” renders something like 400 results. When you click on the Map option, you can see where they are located as per below.

By entering your post/zip code you can narrow down the search further. And when you do find a business you want to check out, Google Maps will give you the directions and tell you how to get there with trains, planes and automobiles.



Google Places is the place to be

That type of listing sounds pretty good to any business owner – Google are not only allowing people to find you but practically telling them how to get to your shop or office.

Did you ever stop to think about how businesses actually got on there, how they listed themselves? There is a nifty feature on Google Maps called Google Places which you will want to check out. It allows business owners, entrepreneurs and anyone trading in their own name to add themselves to the Google Maps listings – all for the moderate price of free.

You login as per usual to any Google application and you can create your new listing within 10 minutes. 



Any business can fill in a great deal of information about what they do, what service they offer, where they are based and their contact details. You can even add pictures, contact persons, opening times, special offers and coupons.

With more details and keywords going in to a description, the business will stand a better chance to reach out to the target audience – essentially allowing customers to find them online.

Call to Action

Unless you have done this already, get yourself listed for free today. There are lots of options for the listing and my recommendation is that you check out the competition first, then play around with your own listing. When you have submitted it, be sure to test the listing by doing searches on different computers and browsers.

And in case you want to see the listing I created a few months ago for Personal Branding UK, here it is – all feedback is welcome and please be brutal as always!

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    i usually use googple place if i wonder in there some place which it very very beautiful or maybe the forgotten heaven..