How to Connect LinkedIn to Your Facebook Profile

PLEASE NOTE: This feature is no longer available on Facebook sorry!

I recently discovered an application that creates a LinkedIn profile tab on your Facebook profile. I have noticed a few of my Facebook friends using it but most don’t and I suspect it’s because they don’t know about it. Just like them I was in the dark until the other day, not exactly sure why this application wasn’t promoted better.

Why connect your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles?

I have a dream. To one day be able to bring all contacts, friends, connections from all social media platforms into one place. Wouldn’t it be great to save all that time and headache with using only one application? We aren’t there yet I’m afraid, but I do hope someone somewhere is working on it. What we can do today is using applications like this one. When we cross pollinate our networks we can extend our networks and hopefully drum up more business as a result.

Most people tend to use Facebook for friends and family and LinkedIn for their professional network. That is fine but why not letting friends and family have a look at what you do for a living by showing them your LinkedIn profile as well. They might know lots of potential customers for you but unless they understand what you do, they can’t refer you.

How do you install this application?

Here’s the good news; this is actually very simple. The application is called My LinkedIn Profile (don’t click Like but click on Go to Application on the left). It will ask for your LinkedIn profile URL which you type in and hit Save. The application will then ask you to allow information to be gathered, click Allow and the magic happens. Notice that there is also an option of adding a LinkedIn profile to your Page, meaning your business Page can link up to your company profile on LinkedIn.


Once that has gone through, the application fetches your LinkedIn profile and creates a new tab at the top of your Facebook profile. You can drag this tab to the position of your choice, I suggest keep it to the left as it’s where people tend to click. When they do click, they will see the LinkedIn profile in it’s entirety but they won’t leave Facebook. All the links on your LinkedIn profile are clickable, allowing curious folks to check out your blog, website or whatever sites you have linked up your profile with.



That’s it, simple as pie and I hope your inter-connection of social media will bear fruits in terms of more business and a bigger network. Be sure to connect with me both on Facebook and LinkedIn by the way!

Are you using this application already – and what do you think of it?

  • Bschroer

    Check out

    An website for all your social network conglomerations.

    • Jorgen Sundberg

      Hootsuite is alright, pretty good for Twitter but not for Facebook and LinkedIn in my opinion

  • TheGarden ShoppingCenter

    wonderfull. Thanks for your guide.  Your post very helpful for me.

  • Jkrcvt

    It won’t let me do this. 

  • Shanicewhite

    I use WordPress for blogging. I can choose which sites my posts get sent to. I use FB, Twitter and Linkedin.

  • Alexander von Ness

    this doesn’t work for me!

  • John Anderson

    Hi Jorgen, I just clicked on the link for the app but it just redirected to my facebook feed? I dont know if you know if this app stil exists?

    • Jorgen Sundberg

      Yes sorry this feature is no longer available on Facebook

      • John Anderson

        No worries, thanks anyway.

  • Jazcare Tan

    how can i add my frendlist facebook to linkin

  • Sirius Smartmarket


    It doesn’t work the link!? I was hoping to simplify some work.

    Best regards,
    John Watson

    • Jorgen Sundberg

      Yes sorry this feature is no longer available on Facebook sadly

  • Jorgen Sundberg

    Yes sorry this feature is no longer available on Facebook unfortunately

  • Corsi Inglese Jesi

    This would be great. A pity it is no longer available.

  • metronicvn

    It would be interesting if connecting FB & Linkedln, but It’s no longer on Facebook, what a pitty!

  • The Garden Shopping Center

    what a pitty! Facebook has deleted this feature…