How I’m Tweaking My Blogging Strategies This Year

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Last year was a very successful year in terms of my own brand and the brands that I represent. Because I have got to a stage where the brands are known (at least to my target audience), I will shake things up a bit and change how I go about the online marketing. This includes how my blogs will run in the next 12 months. (that would be this blog!)

Last year, I put a lot of effort into writing useful and practical blog posts about personal branding, social media, LinkedIn and some other stuff. This paid off and I had just shy of 100,000 pageviews on this blog from Jan 2011 – Dec 2011. This blog has some 1,700 subscribers and gets a fair bit of commenters.

In terms of content for this year I will be shifting away from just social media and branding topics and write go a bit more genreal. Hang on you say, no more social media and branding content coming our way? Yes there will be, but not exclusively. Instead I will use this blog to publish more personal content, the things that I would like to read and the things that really interest me. I realise that from a marketing perspective this might just alienate some of the readers here. I hope some will find the new content of interest, and other people will find the blog through search and social media and hopefully engage with me.

Furthermore, I'm going to stop promoting this blog heavily on social media and rely on the old adage 'build it and they will come' (if it worked for Kevin Costner, surely it will work here…). This in my book means, I produce content that is of interest to me and if others find it interesting they will find it – I will not shove it down anybody's throat. And on that note, the content I will create will not only be blog posts but increasingly video, presentations and podcasts. I guess I will test all different forms of content creation and see what I enjoy producing and what seems to be working. So that's the scoop for this blog for the next year, hope you'll stick around but don't blame you if you don't of course.

The Undercover Recruiter (my first blog)

The Undercover Recruiter is the first blog I ever created, it's now two and a half years old which doesn't sound like much but in this context it is! It's recently achieved a Page Rank of 5 which is pretty good and means that it will be prioritised in Google searches and that advertisers start sniffing around it. The traffic numbers are terrific, the blog got about 500,000 page views in 2011 and has some 4,000 subscribers. I publish about 4 or 5 post per week on that blog which requires a great deal of time and effort of course but luckily there are a few great guest contributors that help out.

With the fact that this blog is so popular, I am henceforth going to focus on this one and when publishing my usual practical hands-on social media tips it will be there which has been the case previously (provided it's related to careers or recruitment of course). Or I might just post it at both places, in slightly different versions. The way I see it, The Undercover Recruiter is where I can reach the masses and people who have never heard of me, which can be very useful. If they are interested, they will find my personal blog and hopefully think this is of value as well.

Link Humans (the company blog)

The blog at my company Link Humans is a different kettle of fish to the other two. It is designed to attract business, almost exclusively business to business (B2B). This means the regular 'How-To' blog posts are of limited use, my experience of clients in our industry is that they want to read case studies and success stories of competitors. And indeed, the most popular posts on that blog are case studies about Deloitte, Philips, CH2M Hill etc. This will be the focus on that blog moving forwards, we will focus on well researched, storytelling and inspirational content. In fact, B2B clients don't care whether you post once per day or once per quarter. What they are concerned about is quality information and that's what we aim for here.

Writing for other blogs on the interwebs

I regularly get asked to write posts for other blogs, to contribute to bigger and smaller blogs. Some of these offers come with money and others don't. In any case, I am rather blogged out and usually decline offers unless it's a really good opportunity for me to create value to that blog's audience. If you ever want me to feature on your blog, I suggest an interview type of piece as it's a little bit simpler to write up (at least the story is already there!).

So that's the plan for this year, do let me know what you think of this strategy – will it work you think?

Image credit: myself at Waitrose's butter shelf