How to Tweet in Your Twitter Marketing Campaign

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Thinking about launching a Twitter marketing campaign? There are a few rules that you should bear in mind when promoting a new service, product or event on Twitter.

It’s a soft sell

First off, if you want to be a spammer please go ahead and only tweet about your new offer and be sure to direct message (DM) every new follower as well for good measure. This is probably the quickest way to get your target audience to switch off and unfollow you pronto.

If you actually want to achieve results from your marketing campaign, you have to realize that only the soft sell will work. Instead of focusing on selling, focus on connecting with the right people. When you get relevant people following you, it’s much easier to inform them of your news as they are happy to hear about it.

Twitter marketing campaigns will work when you have achieved that permission marketing relationship, your followers know that you are a business and they are expecting you to sell to you – but it has to be professional and subtle.

What to tweet

Your typical tweet will be interesting content that is valuable to the people that relate to your brand or services. These resources (blog posts, videos, articles) should be from respectable sources and the aim is for your followers to read, like and retweet.

Every now and then you can throw in a promo plug for your own products. Some say the ratio between shared value content/own promotions should be 6:1, others argue 8:2. Whatever the perfect ratio is for you, what’s more important is what you tweet. Here is an example.

Too salesy tweet

You really don’t want to overpromise things and you don’t want to sound desperate when tweeting out your offer:

“Don’t miss the last chance to join my investment club that will make you lots of money in 27 days! 10% off code: CASH”

This hardcore and full-on sales tweet will only ever be effective if you achieve huge volumes. I would imagine the click-through rate to be very low, as people are very wary of spammers and advertising on the internet and on social media in particular. Moreover, you want to avoid starting any sentence with a negative word such as ‘don’t’ as it puts the reader in an ever so slightly negative mood on a subconscious level.

Soft sell tweet

Here’s the soft sell approach, give your followers the choice to look into your product and tell them what the benefit is, notice the ‘could’ as opposed to ‘will’:

“Check out our new investment club – it could help to increase your portfolio returns.”

This is a laid back more consultative sell, that inspires more trust which is probably critical for an investment club.

If you have done your groundwork and shared interesting information to your followers already, they will be inclined to click your soft sell link. They already trust you and people buy from people they know, like and trust – not people sending out desperate tweets.

What to DM

Instead of sending a link to your squeeze page as a welcome message (as I am sure you have received from many a spammer already on Twitter), simply say thanks for connecting and let them know you are there to help. If you feel that you have to include a link, attach your LinkedIn URL or give them a link to something of value like a free e-book or report.

Bottom line

Running a Twitter campaign isn’t really rocket science, all you have to do is think value, value, value. Once you have conditioned your followers to this mantra, they will be happy to look into any new products, services or events you are launching as you can now leverage that trust you have built up with your followers.

Any questions or thoughts? Please let me know in the comments!