What Exactly is a Social Recruiter?

When I started my first job in agency recruitment, two surprises came my way. The first one being that recruiting is very much a sales job and not an HR function. Instead of screening applicants and using a well defined hiring process, I instead … [Read more]

STUDY: How Recruiters & Job Seekers Use Social Media

Adecco Group have released the results of its first global study looking at the use of social media in recruitment and the job search – the most comprehensive study in this field to date. Here are the results in terms of job seekers – and they come … [Read more]

What Impact Has LinkedIn Had on UK Recruitment?

Big congratulations to LinkedIn for racking up no less than 15 million users in the UK, this is a 50 percent increase from 10 million members in September 2012. UK employers from online fashion retailer Net-A-Porter to builders’ merchant Travis … [Read more]