The Rise of the Social CEO [INFOGRAPHIC]

One of the best ways to stoke up interest in social media amongst employees is to get the leadership team to lead by example. If you have a leader that embraces social and actively engages on say Twitter or LinkedIn, this sends a powerful message to … [Read more]

How LinkedIn Can Aid Your Job Search [SLIDES]

Here's a summary of the deck I used at a lecture at ESCP Europe Business School here in London the other day. Takeaways: LinkedIn has 238 million professional users worldwide The UK has 14 million users, placing the country 4th after the US, … [Read more]

Why and How to Use LinkedIn Groups [VIDEO]

Right so you have a good LinkedIn profile, you have connected to a few people but you’re looking to get more out of LinkedIn. What should you do? One obvious place to start is checking out the groups section, which is essentially discussion forums … [Read more]