The Anatomy of the Perfect LinkedIn Profile [INFOGRAPHIC]

Got a LinkedIn profile? Congrats. Now you’re only competing for attention with another 260+ million users. By putting some time into building your profile, you can stand out from the crowd and we’ve put some of our tips into the infographic below by Link Humans. You may or may not reach perfection but hopefully you’ll get some ideas.


  • Start with a good picture. People like visuals on your profile and your professional photo is the most important one.
  • People outside your network can’t see your contact details so make sure to put them in your summary.
  • Keep things fresh by doing regular status updates, share interesting and useful content.
  • Join groups and follow companies to get relevant content. Do you follow us by the way?

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  • Social_Ben

    Putting contact details into areas not designated for that type of information, for example; the summary or experience sections etc, breaks LinkedIn’s T&C’s. Whilst widely practised a potential risk for suspension at worst.