Social Media and Job Search in 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Our friends at Jobvite recently conducted a nationwide online omnibus survey of 1,303 U.S. job seekers who are currently in employment. Here are some of the main takeaways (scroll down for the infographic).

Social job seekers

86% of job seekers have an account on at least one of the six online social networks included with this study; Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Social job seekers are younger, more highly educated and more likely to be employed full-time.


76% of social job seekers found their current position through Facebook. Three most popular activities on Facebook:

  • 27% contact shared a job opportunity
  • 25% contact provided an employee’s perspective on a company
  • 22% shared a job opportunity with a contact


LinkedIn is where they do most of their job-seeking activity:

  • 40% contact referred me for a job
  • 34% contact shared a job opportunity
  • 32% made a new professional connection
  • 32% contact provided an employee’s perspective on a company


  • Twitter is the most popular place to ask others for help and advice:
  • Next three most popular activities on Twitter:
  • 29% shared a job opportunity with a contact
  • 28% contact provided an employee’s perspective on a company
  • 28% contact shared a job opportunity


46% of job seekers have modified their privacy settings. Job seekers are as likely to delete their account completely as they are to remove specific content from their profiles. And recruiters are looking:

  • 93% of recruiters are likely to look at a candidate’s social profile.
  • 42% have reconsidered a candidate based on content viewed in a social profile, leading to both positive and negative re-assessments

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The college educated are also 4x as likely to update their LinkedIn with professional info than those who are high-school educated or less, and almost 2x as likely to do so on a mobile device.

Most popular social networks

While job seekers flock to Facebook, recruiters prefer Linkedin when searching for candidates. Most popular social networks for…

Job seekers:

  • Facebook 83%
  • Twitter 40%
  • Google+ 37%
  • LinkedIn 36%

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  • LinkedIn 94%
  • Facebook 65%
  • Twitter 55%
  • Google + 18%

While 94% of recruiters are active on Linkedin, only 36% of job seekers are.

The mobile job seeker

Frequent job-changers are more likely than average to have searched for jobs or had contact with a potential employer on their mobile device: 64% of adults who change jobs every 1-5 years vs. 43% overall.

  • 43% of job seekers have used their mobile device to engage in job-seeking activity
  • 27% of job seekers expect to be able to apply for a job from their mobile device.
  • 37% of millennial job seekers expect career websites to be optimised for mobile.

Percentage of job seekers rating the following “important” in their job search:

  • 55% ability to see job openings or listings without having to register
  • 27% ability to apply for jobs from a mobile device
  • 23% website optimised for mobile devices
  • 11% ability to use Linkedin profile or online resume to apply for a job

Mobile and social

Mobile job seekers are more likely to turn to Facebook than Linkedin in their job search. Percentage of job seekers who have done the following on a mobile device:

Updated their profile with professional information:

  • 15% Facebook
  • 11% Twitter
  • 6% Linkedin

Searched for a job:

  • 12% Facebook
  • 7% Linkedin
  • 6% Twitter

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B2B Content Marketing and Social Media in 2014 [STUDY]

Are you a B2B marketer? Do you use content marketing? No less than 93% of your North American peers do, but how exactly are they doing it?

MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute recently issued some interesting findings from their annual content marketing study, which included responses from 1,217 B2B content marketers in North America.

Most popular tactics

  • Social media (87%)
  • Articles (81%)
  • Newsletters (80%)
  • Blogs (76%)
  • Events (76%)
  • Case studies (73%)
  • Video (73%)

Most popular social media channels

  • LinkedIn (91%)
  • Twitter (85%)
  • Facebook (81%)
  • YouTube (73%)

B2B marketers, on average, use 13 tactics to reach their audiences. Social media (excluding blogs) is the most popular tactic, used by 87% of those marketers. That’s followed by articles on a company website (81%) and e-newsletters (80%).

The primary challenges B2B marketers face are lack of time (69%) and producing enough content (55%). This is of course where an agency like Link Humans can help brands.

Some 93% of the most effective B2B content marketers cite lead generation as a goal of their content marketing efforts, compared with 64% of the least effective B2B content marketers.

See the full report here:

Using information from the report, the following infographic from our friends at Brightcove highlights the latest findings regarding tactics, content segmentation and challenges, and measurement in B2B content marketing.

The Anatomy of the Perfect LinkedIn Profile [INFOGRAPHIC]

Got a LinkedIn profile? Congrats. Now you’re only competing for attention with another 400+ million users. By putting some time into building your profile, you can stand out from the crowd and we’ve put some of our tips into the infographic below by Link Humans. You may or may not reach perfection but hopefully you’ll get some ideas.



  • Start with a good picture. People like visuals on your profile and your professional photo is the most important one.
  • People outside your network can’t see your contact details so make sure to put them in your summary.
  • Keep things fresh by doing regular status updates, share interesting and useful content.
  • Join groups and follow companies to get relevant content. Do you follow us by the way?

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How To Make Your Personal Brand More Enchanting [INFOGRAPHIC]

Hot off the trail of his new book Enchantment and perhaps even more importantly, his interview on this blog, Guy Kawasaki has released a good infographic outlining the enchantment process – see what you think!

Enchantment Infographic

Do you practise any of these tips? Please share your experience!

The Way of Personal Branding [INFOGRAPHIC]

There is a first for everything. And I never saw a Personal Branding infographic before…

My buddy Enrico Bisetto has put together this cool infographic originally posted in Italian over at his excellent site Sestyle. We worked together on this English language version and this is how it came out.

Enjoy the ‘Way to Personal Branding’ and please let Enrico and myself know what you think of it!

the way of personal branding graphic