The Way of Personal Branding [INFOGRAPHIC]

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There is a first for everything. And I never saw a Personal Branding infographic before…

My buddy Enrico Bisetto has put together this cool infographic originally posted in Italian over at his excellent site Sestyle. We worked together on this English language version and this is how it came out.

Enjoy the ‘Way to Personal Branding’ and please let Enrico and myself know what you think of it!

the way of personal branding graphic

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  • Jorgen Sundberg

    Thank you Enrico for such a cool infographic! It took us a while to get the language right but glad we got there in the end :-)

    • Enrico Bisetto

      Many thanks to you Jorgen, to let my work be known by a wider audience than Italian… translating wasn’t so easy but it’s a pleasure to collaborate with you! ūüėČ

  • persuasive essays

    drawn very cool! Enrico’s Got Talent + informative

    • Jorgen Sundberg

      ha! he has got Talent indeed!

  • resume writing service

    it is amazing!!¬† need to say that i’e never seena nything like this befor))) great job!

  • Lu√≠s Pizarro

    Hi, Jorgen. The graphics are great, fun and useful.

    But I have a question for you: Why would you consider as important today a personal branding?
    Regards and thanks.

    Luís Pizarro

    • Jorgen Sundberg

      Thanks for the feedback @twitter-282983215:disqus !

      Can you rephrase the questions, not sure I understand – did you mean why personal branding is important?

  • essay writer

    very cool post! thanks a lot!

  • Thebrandbutton

    Love it, works for me 

  • John Rose

    Thank you Jorgen for sharing, and Congratulations Enrico on the presentation.¬† I will share this with my ‘circles’ and ‘followers’ over here in North America….

    • Jorgen Sundberg

      Just saw that, many thanks John!

  • Vishal .

    Awesome stuff! How can someone loathe something as insightful as this?

  • Jacqueline Mhitaryan

    Great post!

  • Dani A

    Great, thanks for sharing! I’ll pass this along :)

  • Raysa Leer

    I really like this infographic and will certainly be sharing! Thanks!

  • Mary Goldsmith

    I love an INFOGRAPHIC Jurgen and this one is great. For visual learners they capture and present information succinctly & beautifully. I just wish I could import them into a powerpoint presentation!

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  • Digital Creative

    Am I allowed to translate this Infographic into Vietnamese? Surely with credit back :)

    • Jorgen Sundberg

      Please contact Enrico who made the original at @1bae5bf4a70d6f33da00b5ef053ed032:disqus or @sestyle

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  • Sandra Santos

    Great! I will apply it to myself.

    Do you have any simple / efective model for developing a personal marketing plan? I would really like to have one for myself.

    Thank s in advance for your help!

  • David

    I love it! It sums up very effectively what do to for personal branding, and acts as a useful roadmap to not lose your direction.

    If I may, it’s “participate” (not partEcipate), and “comments” (not coMents).