What Happens To Your Klout Score When You Go On Vacation?

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I just got back from a two week break to Sri Lanka (yes, that's the view from our hotel room!). I was curious to see what would happen to my Klout score when I spent most of my time on the beach instead of in front of the computer screen. Much to my surprise I found that my Klout score had stayed solid and actually gone up one point over 30 days! How could this possibly be?

My only activity online was done on my iPhone (via the hotel WiFi) and I probably spent about 15-20 minutes online every day, mainly looking at Tripadvisor and other travel sites to decide what excursions to do. Yes I did check my emails and replied to urgent ones, I did read a few blog posts in my RSS reader (Feedly on the iPhone) and sent a few of these to Buffer. And of course I had to check LinkedIn but I only really accepted invites.

So all in all, not very much social media activity from my side but still the Klout score held steady. Could this be due to the new scores that Klout launched a few weeks ago? Perhaps they are not as sensitive to 'temporary' outages from social networking, or perhaps they are more based around what connections you have as opposed to your level of activity. If you have any ideas here, please let me know!

Further reading: Mark Schaefer's holidaying experience at Twitter, Klout and the Vacation Effect (which I believe was written before Klout changed their scoring algorithm). 

  • Helen

    Do say ‘vacation’! 😉 My starts in couple of days and I CAN’T wait!!!!!